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Machine Hire

Tasty trotter machines are the best machines on the market.
Hire our machine for your event and impress your guests
with our professional equipment. We can deliver & pick up
the machine at your convenience. You can hire just the machine if you wish,
or to make life easy for you we can also supply you with the hog & have it spiked for you so its ready for cooking. We will ensure it is safe and easy for you to cook without the meat snagging on the burners. We will also give you instructions on how to cook it - what more could you ask for?


You are liable for any damage by misuse and/or theft while the equipment is in your possession.
We recommend that you ensure that you have adequate insurance protection for the equipment

to the value of £3,000.

Never leave the hog roast while it is switched on as it must be supervised at all times. Children must be kept away from the equipment during cooking at all times.

Sk Hog Roast accepts no responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to property incurred while hiring or otherwise using or handling the equipment, however caused. 

It is your responsibility to frequently check the meat during cooking and check that the bolts for the pole that carries the hog remain tight and secure.


Please note that cooking times will vary but the general rule is 1 hour per 10kg of carcass weight.


Prices Start at £150

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